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Mediwhiz Health Sciences is an organization that has been established by a team of experienced Homeopaths with the prime mission of propagating Homeopathy globally. We, as Homeopaths, realize the significance of spreading the knowledge about this science in order for the masses to derive maximum benefits from it and hence, we have dedicated ourselves to the promotion of this science of healing. In our endeavor to achieve the aforementioned, we chiefly take up organization of Homeopathic Seminars, Educational Clinical Courses for Homeopaths and establishment of the web-presence of Homeopaths besides other promotional activities.

Talking of Homeopathic seminars, we believe that this is one of the best platform where practicing homeopaths as well as students can come together to gain knowledge from the experience of masters. Moreover, such seminars always enrich the existing knowledge besides giving you fresh insights into the latest developments in the field of Homeopathy. The team at Mediwhiz efficiently handles Seminar Organization in entirety right from the initial planning to the final execution.

Educational Clinical Courses form another significant means of dispersing Homeopathic knowledge and the courses that Mediwhiz organizes provide the course-taker with absolute clinical knowledge required for successful practice. These have been precisely designed to help them in establishing a niche for themselves in the field of homoeopathy.

Besides the above-mentioned activities, Mediwhiz also provides Homeopaths with a platform to establish their forte on the World Wide Web so that their services are not restricted by any time, place or distance barriers.
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An exclusive seminar by
Dr. Sunil Anand
on 14th Dec' 2008
Mumbai, INDIA.

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Members constituting the Mediwhiz Health Sciences team have a collective experience of more than 50 years in the field of homeopathy.
The core strengths of our team are strategic planning, conceptualizing and implementation of the ideas in order to get maximized output.
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